Windows 7 - End Of Life

windows 7 end of life
Windows 7 - End Of Life 

Now Windows 7 is completely out from the support of Microsoft.

Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 since Tuesday.  This software giant has said goodbye to the old operating system and focusing on new technology.

With this Microsoft support completely shut down for Windows 7. Users will no longer receive the latest and most recent security updates from Microsoft .  As a result, Windows 7 operating systems will be unsafe and it is about to end of his life

The statistical website StatCounter says that one in every four Windows users uses Windows 7.  - News from the BBC.

There is nothing to lighten the whole matter up.  Think about it, Microsoft doesn't have to play  with hackers anymore.  The company does not have to worry about whether hackers are bringing software bugs to the Windows 7 operating system is about to end of life.  In a word, if a hacker takes advantage of Windows 7's vulnerability, Microsoft won't bother with it.

Microsoft confirmed this with a post on their website.  Security researchers are saying the same thing.

"Running an unpatched machine means that code errors will never be corrected.  Everyone will know about the flaws and they will continue to spread.  The likelihood of a successful attack will continue to rise. ”  - Rick Ferguson, security researcher at Trend Micro.

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David M, senior security researcher at the Kaspersky Lab, says
"People should start using operating systems that are supported."

Microsoft has urged people to come to the Windows 7 operating system.  "Go ahead, the best way to stay safe is to use Windows 7.  And the only way to enjoy Windows 7 better is to buy a new PC. ”  - The company said.
Older PCs do not run Windows 7, not.  Microsoft warns that the operating system "may not run smoothly" on older PCs.
PC running on Windows 8 must have a 4 GHz processor, 500 GB hardrive till 2021.

In this way Windows 7 era is about to end for life 

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