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Tesla Truck For Sale
Tesla Truck

The Tesla Cybertruck is attracting the eye of the many, as well as a civil authority in North American country who determined to order fifteen electric trucks from Tesla to convert them into police vehicles.
When Tesla unveiled  the Cybertruck last month, the look shocked tons of people, however others targeted on the specs and price.
Adrián Esper Cárdenas, the mayor of the city of Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí, was amongst the latter.
The civil authority saw the electrical truck as having nice potential as a local police and municipal vehicle.
He decided to position a reservation for fifteen Tesla Cybertrucks (via El Imparical)

"We took an image, I am going to send it to Elon Musk, to see if they make us a discount,’ Adrián Esper Cárdenas concluded. He mentioned that to place aside the fifteen truck, he used a resource of 30 thousand pesos, which is equivalent to one month’s salary."

Cárdenas aforesaid he ordered ten dual Motor Tesla Cybertrucks and five Tri-Motor Tesla Cybertrucks.

He believes that the economical electrical powertrain of the Cybertruck goes to assist the city reduce its fleet emissions.

They apparently created an enormous deal out of the order in Mexico:

They are not the only ones considering exploitation Tesla Cybertruck as a police vehicle.

The Dubai Police announce this image when the launch last month:

We are setting out to see Tesla vehicles turning into quite fashionable police departments everywhere the globe.

In Tesla’s own backyard, the Fremont department of local government regenerate a used Tesla Model S to a patrol vehicle.

The Luxembourg Police regenerate 2 Model S sedans to patrol cars, and also the largest fleet of Tesla police patrol vehicles is in Switzerland.

At this time, there ar a few dozen police departments going electrical with Tesla vehicles.

Earlier this year, the Bargersville, Indiana, Police Department started updating its fleet to Tesla Model 3 vehicles after they ran the numbers and they found out it would be much less expensive to drive electric.

However, some police departments like larger vehicles and Tesla’s Cybertruck might be a rare electric truck capable to serve as a police vehicle.

Tesla says that it's about to bring the Cybertruck electric pickup truck to market in late 2021.

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