Increase Your Youtube Views Within A Week | MICROPRO | Tips & Tricks

We often find that our view does not increase despite the good content on our channel. In this case, we will know about this actions today.

Keyword Research:

We talk about maximizing the view and talking about ranking, no matter what path you take, if you don't do this study you won't fail at one stage or another.
There is

for Keyword Research. Besides, various paid tools are also available online. Let's say  we will be working on "Top 3 android games" This is a video title. Then I went to KeywordPlanner and wrote the word there. Then its corresponding keywords will come out. From there you will find the keyword that you are searching for.  2-5 keyword is enough for 5 videos if there search volume is high


Give the tag 5-7. Tags will be your chosen keywords. You need to steal ideas. It will give a very performance.

First go to 

This time the tab is open, this time someone else made a video like yours or it is very popular. Click on the video. copy the video URL from the address bar in the browser. Go to betterwaytoweb and paste. Use the tags in your video to get the tag they used now.

However, be aware that the tags that go with the video will be used and avoid the rest of the tags.


Add annotations to your video. After 30 seconds of the video, give an annotation, if it does not look good and then your annotation will go to the video provided. Then the view of your videos will continue to grow. You can see that it works great.

Video Sharing: 

Video sharing plays a big role in increasing the view on the video. Suppose the number of members in a group is 1 million. Now if there is a video sharer in the group then at least 5,000 views will come from this group. And there will be 3 to 4 thousand people who like the video and they will share it. In this way, the view will be less, but the view will increase by 1-1.5K.
Lastly we must have a Facebook page at the top of the channel. Only then will the overall video view increase.

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