How To Get Instant Approval From Google Adsense

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Follow every single step for better result. You need these 4 things from here. It is useful to get approval from Google Adsense. It's increase you chance to get approval on any website that match with google policy.

Top Level  Domain

To increase your chance for approval you need top level domain like .com .net .org or similar to that. Remember free domain or other domain won't be approved. Just like blogger site. It will be approved at a certain time but you need more time to get approval from Google Adsense

Niche Website    

You need to choose a category or topic that will increase your chance. It will be like product, blog or something else that is not violate Google Policies

Get Unique Article 

The most important part of this section is "Article". It is the most essential for a website. Google try to give priority who's website have unique article. If you need approval then you need to have 20 article and all of these will be fresh and unique. 
For unique article you can go to any freelancer site and buy 20 to 25 article from there. Every article will be contain 1000+ words.

Create Page

Your site must be indexable. You need to index your site in Google Console or other Webmaster. Google Robots check your Contact page, Privacy & Policy and disclaimer. You need these pages present on your site.

Follow these 4 step to increase your chance.

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