10 Question That You Must Know to Get a Job at Google

Many dreams to work in a company like Google. Attractive salary, great facilities, satisfying workplace make everyone feel interested. Google is among the highest-paid companies in the United States. Being a Google employee is not an easy job. "Because Google has no intention of getting a GPA or a very good test score.

In an interview to the New York Times, Lazlo Bock, vice president of human resources at Google, said that getting Google jobs required math and computing, especially code writing skills. If anyone earns good grades and demonstrates true skills in academic exams, they can certainly apply for a job at Google. Mathematics and code, these two skills can provide an added benefit to the job seeker. Besides, these two Google will have to acquire more skills to get a job

Google has five issues to consider. If the job title is a technical issue, the emphasis is on coding skills. About half of Google's jobs fall into the tech category. The key factor to consider in every job is the skill of common sense. It would not be fair to reconcile the IQ in the matter.

Here, common sense is the ability to learn a subject, the ability to learn it quickly, and the ability to apply it. These skills are the ability to distinguish between subtle things. Behavioral issues are very well-monitored when interviewing for a job at Google. The second important issue is leadership quality. When it comes to getting a job at Google, it's important to have two best qualities. One of these is humility, the other is the ability to do something quickly. Another skill you need to get a job at Google is minimal experience on a job. When hiring someone with minimal experience, he has an interest in learning, communication skills, leadership. The task that Google does is to try to exploit the intricacies of traditional GPAs or traditional education.

Google has to face some strange questions on the interview to get a job. These questions can be different for each position. 10 questions like this:

Creative Specialist: Prior to being hired by Google's Creative Specialist, his general knowledge and skills were verified. In an interview on January 27, a candidate for this position was asked - How do I explain it to Larry Page after the importance of HTML 5 to my grandmother?

Database Admin: Database Administrator One of the most important posts by Google is a Database Administrator. An interview was asked in a December 27 interview for the post, "If you were given $ 1 billion and a spacecraft, how would you solve the biggest problem of human civilization?"

Software engineers: Google also asks complex questions to software engineers. Earlier, an employee was asked if you were given the responsibility of creating a Google Map from scratch, how would you go to India Gate by guiding a person to Gateway of India (Mumbai)?

Product Marketing Managers: Google's product marketing managers may be questioned before hiring say the number of college seniors in the United States who is retiring after completing four years of graduation.

Associate Product Manager: The staff of this position also faces many strategic questions. Earlier, the question was, if you have access to a bank database, how to build an ATM for older people using that information?

Product Manager: Google's Product Manager designation is important. The job is to ask how do you solve the problem of homelessness in downtown San Francisco?

Quantitative Companion Analyst: If you open a new Google office anywhere in the world, how do you find out about the payroll of employees there?

Quantitative Analyst: If a coin is rotated 3,000 times, the head falls 5 times. Do you think that coin is biased?

Engineering Manager: Quite interesting question about this position. Suppose you had to vote for a sailor to get a share of the pirate ship's plunder and looted gold. If you have less than half of the vote for you, then death is death. So how do you share that gold, so that you fall into more of it and you survive?

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