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Tesla Truck Event

Cybertruck from Tesla you might be in for a surprise specifically around the design this is not a terminater movie this is actually the Tesla Cybertruck that you're looking at. Yes! we were surprised herself but it kind of grew of us throughout the undulating event is shaped like a stealth fighter a seal. I mention dimension wise is similar to that of an f-150 from for it looks a lot bigger. But I believe that more of the form factor of a boxy square shape vehicle mine's more of a DeLorean. That's partly due to the color of this truck and they advertise and demo a few differences with this truck in comparison to other trucks so this is a f-150.

Model Of Cybertruck

The door using a sledge hammer from I believe this is f-150 door it shows that it will dent that door but on the cyber truck although it looks like Vonzell our is holding back a little bit here when he's swinging at the test. Cybertruck it can withstand this is a really strong metal.  Elon Musk and apparently it's also bulletproof at least to a nine millimeter Full Metal Jacket 115 grain at 10 meters. It will withstand a bullet they didn't call it a bulletproof vehicle so they were advertising it more of a solid strong steel that will come with the cyber truck. Now they then demoed this in a live event . On this event Elon Musk introduce Tesla truck metal vs a regular steel metal on the right so now Elon is speaking to the glass how strong the glasses in addition to the strong steel medal on the cyber truck. So demo from the event on the side using one piece of the cybertruck glass but later you're gonna see that fill in real demonstration by throwing a solid. 

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They test and they gonna drop .  The Tesla cyber truck glass or at least reinforced glass and nothing happens so the purpose of this demonstration is to show how durable the glasses in case you drop your hammer  tools onto the cyber truck,  it will be able to withstand this type of impact.   Tesla cyber truck and try to show that it will withstand the impact and it won't be a crack in the glass but is it fail demonstration. It also comes without the air suspension standard just like the Model X and s and  assume that it will be the new suspension that they're using in their Raven vehicle today.  Cubic feet the dimension of the trailer is a six either and it has a huge payload with huge tolling capacity's.  They can do a tug of war with a f150 in a little second here's some close-up image they didn't really show this on the unveiling event
The trunk area is actually enclosed and that's probably due to aerodynamic. You can open it up automatically and you will see that at the end of the video when they load up a ATV so here a tug of war with an f-150 apparently this was going uphill on the incline and the Tesla cyber truck was able to win without any issue. Electric truck from for when that comes out performance wise it delivers 2.9 seconds for the tri-motor so that's the performance version and then they did a believe this is a quarter mile with a Porsche 911 and it took the winning sports.

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So in 10 seconds vehicle for quarter mile and apparently Elon said that's the same vehicle that race Porsche is the one that he's showing the background.  Off-road performance lots of clearance and it's able to perform at any angle and range very impressive especially for the tri-motor 500 miles 250 for the low range and the mid range is 300 miles and the mid-range is dorm older. Charging again you will have access to all super charging Network and they believe that they can have that level of capacity that's like the model 3 to charge 100,000 miles per hour so they have onboard outlets as well capable of recharging. Its own battery plus on poor air compressor I guess you can pump your own car tire or others how the pilot is standard full self-driving.  You have to pay seven grand extra for it so at this point.  

Tesla Cyber Truck 

Unveiling wasn't that impressive especially with the design but when he announced the pricing it really caught our attention 39,00039,900 for the base. That's pretty darn good for a Tesla truck with a range of about 250 miles probably a better value than the Tesla Model 3. Just have to get used to look and then you have the awkward drive that's 300 miles you're looking at 50 K there and then about 70,1665K for the tri-motor. That's 500 mile range so that makes me think the Model X and s eventually will get the tri-motor and you will probably see 500 plus miles range on those vehicle fairly soon. Maybe within the next 24 months so they definitely can share some platform there with the battery capacity.

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