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OPPO 5G Hotel in Australia 

Global smartphone brand Oppo has built a luxurious mobile hotel with the latest technology for tech-savvy travelers

Launched in Australia, the world's first smart technology-based 5G smart hotel has been developed to accommodate an unused shipping container with the latest technology.

Oppo Reno

 Oppo built the world's first mobile 5G hotel with a view to highlight the changes that 5G networks are making in our daily life, especially in terms of accommodation in travel. Throughout the hotel, the Oppoo Reno smartphone uses a variety of technologies. It also has a 5G network and touches on all the latest technologies. The tourist hotel will be touring several provinces in Australia over the next several months. For the first time, this traveling hotel will be available at the 'Home of the Arts' hotel on the Gold Coast of Australia.

The hotel, which houses the smartphone brand of Oppoo, has all the great furniture and electronic equipment created by the combination of the innovative technology of the smartphone brand. Let's take a look at what's in the hotel.

Smart Morror 

Smart Mirror: The hotel's smart mirror has all the kind of needs that guests in the hotel may have. Smart device is attached to this mirror, it will be available in the mirror, all the latest news, stock market news, movies and even the most helpful light for selfie lifting.

Smart Living

High Graphics Games : This mobile hotel of Oppo has a special 5G gaming suite. Through this, all the advantages of a high-capacity gaming computer will be available.  Also, due to the high speed internet access of 5G, virtual gaming will also be available.

Hands Free Eminities: The Renault 5G smartphone in this hotel is connected to the Google home hub. As a result, it will get all the benefits of Smart Home. Guests will be able to take control of the electronic appliance, watch favorite videos on YouTube, just by talking to different Google services by giving face-to-face instruction.

Augmented Reality: The hotel has various applications of Augmented Reality, such as Interactive Introduction with Renault 5G, wardrobe of Augmented Reality, which allows guests to see how their clothing looks.

Buffer-free entertainment: The speed of 5G networks is such that Oppo's smart hotel is capable of playing video without any buffer. Netflix videos of any resolution are available on the big TV in the hotel.

Snap Of Oppo 5G Hotel

With the advent of the 5G network, big changes are coming in the form of switching from ordinary homes and hotels to smart homes and smart hotels. Oppo has taken such an initiative step about the future of the hotel by launching a mobile smart hotel. Oppo will also take initiatives in other countries to highlight the benefits of 5G network.

Source: Oppo.com

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