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Top 10 Wealthy Blog Sites  

Today I will discuss the "Top 10 Blogs" and "10 Top Bloggers" in the world. How much they earn per month and their total visitors in the websites per month. 
Do you want to know who is the top 10 earning blogger in the world? how much do bloggers make.
Here WPressBlog provides a list of wealthy bloggers, along with their monthly income details.
Top bloggers in the world just started blogging as their hobby. This blogging can help you a lot in starting your own online business and get an idea about your future blog. 
The addiction to blogging has made bloggers richer. Below you will find the "Top 10 Bloggers" in the world with their monthly earnings.
List of the top 10 bloggers in the world and their earnings 

1. Ariana Huffington

Huffington Post blog Ariana Huffington started life and politics issues in 2005. Huffington Post blog is the most successful blog in the world. This blog generates more than $ 1 billion in revenue and advertising sponsored by banners

  • Founder Name: Ariana HuffingtonWebsite:
  • Have started blogging: in the 2005
  • Global Alexa Rank: 328th
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 131 Million
  • Earnings per month: $ 14,000,000 (approx.)

2. Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas Engadget was founded in 2004. Peter Rojas started his blog on gaming, entertainment, gear, events and so on. This blog generates a lot of money every month from direct advertising

  • Founder Name: Peter RojasWebsite:
  • Have started blogging:  In 2004
  • Global Alexa Rank: 624th
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 51 Million
  • Earnings per month: $ 5,500,000 (approx)

3. Rand Fishkin

The "Moz" blog was founded by Rand Fishkin, which is very well known in the world as search engine optimization. This blog has helped many bloggers around the world to establish their blog. It also earns money like other bloggers.

  • Founder Name: Rand Fishkin
  • Website:
  • Started blogging: In 1998
  • Global Alexa Rank: 4035th
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 6 Million
  • Earnings per month: $ 4,250,000 (approx)

4. Pete Cashmore

The Mashable blog was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. Pete Cashmore started his blog on technology, entertainment, culture, science, travel and more. The source of income for this blog is direct advertising in various formats.

  • Founder Name: Pete Cashmore
  • Website:
  • Have started blogging: In 2005
  • Global Alexa Rank: 1484
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 25.8 million
  • Earnings per month: $ 2,000,000 (approx)

5. Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington founded TechCrunch at 2005 and is a very popular technology news blogger. It started with the news of applications, gadgets, mobiles and more. It is also earned by AOL.

  • Founder Name: Michael Arrington
  • Website:
  • Have started blogging: In  2005
  • Global Alexa Rank: 968
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 28.9 million
  • Earnings per month: $ 2,500,000 (approx)

6. Brian Clark

One of the best marketing blogs in marketing consulting is CopyBlogger, founded by Brian Clark. At 2006, the income was only $ 2000 but now it's  income is about $ 1,000,000.

  • Founder Name: Brian Clark
  • Website:
  • Started blogging: In 2006
  • Global Alexa Rank: 41,566
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 766.7 million
  • Earnings per month: $ 1,000,000 (approx)

7. Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr.

Perez Hilton started Mario Armando Lavenderia Jr in 2005 with a controversial gossip. The main source of income is direct advertising on the website.

  • Founder Name: Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr.Website:
  • Blogging started:  In 2005
  • Global Alexa Rank: 7898
  • Estimated Visitor / Month: 6 million
  • Income per month: $ 575,000 (approx.)

8. Peter Rojas

  • Founder Name: Peter Rojas
  • Website:
  • Blogging started: In 2002
  • Global Alexa Rank: 848th
  • Estimated Visitor / Month: 4.1 million
  • Income per month: $ 325,000 (approx.)

9. Vitaly Friedman

Vitali Friedman founded Smashing Magazine in 2006 with the help of content, web design and web development.

  • Founder Name: Vitaly Friedman
  • Website:
  • Blogging started: In 2006
  • Global Alexa Rank: 10,048th
  • -Estimated Visits / Month: 4.1 million
  • Income per month: $ 215,000 (approx.)

10. Cyan Claire

Cian Claire founded the TutsPlus blog in 2008 with a tutorial on web design and web developers. This blog is very useful for web designers and developers.

  • Founder Name: Cyan Claire
  • Website:
  • Blogging started : In 2008
  • Global Alexa Rank: 1734th
  • Estimated Visits / Month: 18.5 million
  • Income per month: $ 175,000 (approx.)

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