How To Connect Air Pods On PS4

Today I am going to show you air pods on ps4 . We're going to be connecting airpods in PlayStation 4 to use them in party, chat game, chat and just all around, so I've seen a lot of blogs, and they don't really work most of them are clickbait. You know just shows them connecting them through Bluetooth on the PlayStation but in reality the PlayStation does not support air pods.So you can't connect them directly the bluetooth but this way the way that I'm going to be showing you will work for sure. So to complete this you need your ps4 controller, air pods and iPhoneiPad or iPod.

First step is going to be connecting our PlayStation 4 ontrollers to our iPhone and to do this you will need iOS 13 or higher. Then go to your settings and then go to Bluetooth. 

Make sure that your Bluetooth is on and you want to take your controller and hold the PlayStation button right and the share button.

Playstation share button is mostly use for Bluetooth connectivity.It will connect your device

Just hold ps4 controller for about five seconds until there's a blues whitish light that starts flashing. After that you'll see it comes up in other devices so you see your device name is on bluetooth list. Go ahead and press that as you can see they are connected. 

You also see there's ta little in color, and that's blow light on your controller. When it connects to your iPhone so after this you want to go ahead and go in the App Store. On the search section type "Ps4 Remote Play" and download this app from Appstore 

Remote playstation available in appstore. Anyone can download it and connect to mobile device and enjoy in mobile screen

we will not be playing the game on our phone this will be connected to the TV. air pods on ps4. Once it's downloaded you want to open the app and you want to press start.Go the app and sign in to your PlayStation account.Start it right away because air pods is connected.Go ahead and press the home button go back to settings and  press this button on the back hold it until there's a flashing light and as you see air pods have come up.Connect the airpods to your iPhone.After connected successfully now you can put the air pods in your ear you should give it a little time that shows there they're connected. Go back to the PlayStation 4 sremote play app you have to press it and now you want to press Start ok. Just another reminder we will be connecting our controller and our air pods will be connected to the TV or monitor. Whatever you're using in your PlayStation and you will not be playing the game on our phone.It's registering your phone iPhone, iPad and iPod to the PlayStation. Go ahead and start connecting sometimes when the Wi-Fi connection when it is connected and you can hear the sound in your AirPods right. Basically if you can see your controller does work on this but you want to go ahead and go to your TV and it's doing the exact same thing.Youcan see it's just screening it's just screening the screen onto your phone.Make sure that the mute button that you press in you unmute it or else you won't be able to use your air pods at mic leave.Then you will still be able to hear everything.It's gonna ask for a microphone permission and because air pods are connected to phone.Press "Ok" it will be using the microphone from my airpods. So now your phone is really irrelevant at this point and you can put your phone to the side and since your controller is connected to your phone just connect it to your PlayStation.You should be able to use your controller normally and play whatever game you want.

Enjoy air pods on ps4! 

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